During our youth, our bodies naturally produce high levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid resulting in smooth and supple skin. However, as time passes and natural aging processes occur, these components decrease, leading to aging skin and decreased definition. This can result in the loss of structure and volume, leading to unwelcome lines and deep wrinkles.

        Real Results

        at a Glance:
        Fast Facts:

        Procedure Length

        Procedure Length (1)
        40 - 60 Minutes

        Temporary – lasts about 6 –18 months
        Pain Level
        Pain Level_1
        Recovery Time
        Recovery Time_1
        Numbing Cream
        Procedure Length
        40 - 60 minutes
        Results last approx. 6 - 18 months
        Pain Level
        Recovery Time
        Topical anesthetic cream

        What are ?

        Dermal fillers are used to add volume to the face, define natural features, and highlight targeted areas such as the cheeks, jaw line, temples, and lips.

        What can treat?

        Most commonly, dermal fillers are used to treat the following concerns:

        • Volume loss due to aging
        • Fine lines
        • Contouring of the face (focusing on adding volume to the cheeks, chin, & jawline)
        • Lip augmentation
        • Accentuating cheek bones

        In addition, specialized techniques can be done with fillers such as:

        • Soft Lift
        • Improving volume loss in under-eye area (tear troughs)
        • Improving volume loss in earlobes due to years of wearing heavy earrings
        • Filling sunken temples
        • Defining jawline

        Treatment Procedure

        After a consultation with the practitioner, an aesthetic cream or injectable freezing will be offered to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

        The procedure requires about 40 - 60 minutes depending on the area and amount of filler being used.

        At Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre, we use a long lasting, but not permanent, synthetic form of hyaluronic acid dermal filler. During the procedure, dermal filler is eased under the skin with a very fine needle. When the filler is injected, the gel mimics the naturally occurring substances that add volume to the skin and smooth out fine lines on the face.

        Post-Treatment Care

        Following the treatment, patients can expect minor swelling or bruising around the treatment area. With that being said, most people are able to return to normal daily routines immediately afterwards.

        After treatments, we advise our patients to:

        • Keep the treatment area clean and avoid putting on makeup for at least 6 hours to guard against infection
        • Avoid alcohol, Advil, aspirin, & physical activity for 24 hours after injection
        • Avoid excessive rubbing or manipulation of the skin as the gel is quite moveable for the first few days after treatment

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