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NEOGEN Plasma Skin Regeneration

NeoGen is a Health Canada Approved Thermal Plasma Energy device that uses Nitrogen gas to deliver uniform high energy pulses to FACE, NECK, CHEST, HANDS to target and improve: 

  • wrinkles 
  • loose skin 
  • pigmentation 
  • acne and acne scarring - antimicrobial 
  • dark circles under the eyes 
  • builds collagen and elastin 
  • skin texture 
  • pore size 
  • lost volume in the mid face 
  • increase hydration 
  • increase fibroblasts and fibroblast activity 
  • sloughs outer layer of skin to reveal healthy new skin 

NeoGen is thermal energy – the heat penetrates deep into the skin and leaves the outer layer preserved, which acts as a top dressing to the treated skin layers allowing them to regenerate without the top layer peeling away.  The energy can be adjusted to HIGH or LOW based on the patients needs and wants, resulting in great results and low downtime. 

Our patients are getting fantastic results.  

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