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Grow Thicker, Lusher Eyelashes

Thick, lush eyelashes help to accentuate a woman's eyes, and they also help to soften the overall appearance of the face; however, for many of us growing the kind of lashes that catch almost anyone's attention is simply beyond our grasp.

Now there is an easy, pain-free solution to getting the lashes you desire without using glue or clumping on mascara.

We offer a prescription topical solution that is formulated to enhance the growth of certain kinds of hair follicles; resulting in thicker, darker, and longer eye lashes. It was introduced in the United States in 2009 and was approved by Health Canada in September 2010.

This solution is a medically prescribed treatment that is available through Martin's Rejuvenation Centre for people who feel they have inadequate eyelashes; a condition also referred to as Hypotrichosis.

The medical ingredient in the solution is the only substance that has been proven to encourage the growth of new lashes that are thicker, fuller, and darker than lashes grown without it. The medical ingredients are said to work by alerting the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle in two ways: first, by increasing the length of this phase, and second, by increasing the number of hairs in this growth phase.

Eyelash enhancement in Barrie
The end result is longer, fuller, and darker lashes

Our own Head Nurse, Krystal, RN, used the solution for two months, and experienced remarkable results. According to the developer, almost 80% of those who have used the solution, as prescribed by a physician, have reported the growth of new lashes. The solution is required to be used on a daily basis, so the user needs to commit to the regimen.

The application takes only a minute and can easily be incorporated into any nightly routine.

The solution comes with special applicators that allow the user to apply one drop of the solution to the applicator brush and moisten the upper eyelids only. The solution is applied one drop at a time, and a new applicator is used for each eye – applicators are never reused. While individual results may vary, users of the solution can expect to experience some results in approximately eight weeks, with significant results in 16 weeks.

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