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526 Bryne Drive
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The "AccelaFuze" Microdermabrasion Therapy System offers a wide range of treatment options within one machine. You can decide if you just want a good exfoliation or if you would like to follow that with an infusion of vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients your particular skin needs. The third option is an LED light:  there is one for collagen, another for general redness, and another which helps kill acne bacteria. 

AccelaFuze Brochure
accelafuze skin therapy Barrie

The process is begun by microdermabrasion,  which removes the outer layer of skin and leaves you feeling fresh, radiant and silky smooth. It is a very relaxing treatment and most people go right back to work afterwards with no downtime. The exfoliation takes about 30 minutes, can be done once a month and is great for maintaining a healthy glow all year round. We recommend a minimum of six treatments. Results can be seen in both texture and appearance of the skin after just one treatment. There is virtually no area of the body that would not benefit from microdermabraision – entire face, neck, stomach, thighs, etc.

We include the LED light therapy after an infusion therapy.  A CoolBreeze Wand soothes skin with a soft airflow while being treated. There are several uses for this therapy including Acne treatments (blue light), collagen stimulation (yellow light), and inflammation reduction, pain reduction and pigmentation restoration (red light).


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