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Skin Tightening

This procedure involves the use of a laser that uses infrared light to heat the dermis of the skin. When the surface of the skin is cooled and the tissue underneath it is heated, this results in collagen re-modelling (tightening and thickening of sagging skin). Fortunately, the skin is minimally red after treatment, and patients can generally return to work. Some of the results are immediate, but there is more collagen building that goes on so that the final result is visible in 3-4 months.

This laser works best for mild to moderate loose skin which occurs in your 40's and 50's. As gravity and the aging process naturally take place, the skin loses its ability to visibly contract. This is a subtle treatment which is appropriate for a long-term anti-aging program. We recommend beginning with 4 treatments in the first year and 2 treatments per year thereafter. Best results will be visible with 2-4 treatments spread at least 2 weeks apart.

Benefits of Skin Tightening

  • Skin tightening and thickening
  • Builds collagen, decreases wrinkles, increases elasticity
  • Uses infrared heat
  • Minimal redness – No downtime
  • Requires 2-4 treatments
  • Results increase gradually over 2-4 months post treatment

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