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The "Soft" Lift

Martin's Rejuvenation Centre is proud to provide a combination of Botox and Fillers that provides and alternative to a surgical face lift. Using specilized techniques and an sense of artistry, we can assist with lines, grooves, wrinkles and sagging. Normally the treatments are provided over the course of 2-3 visits and the result can be quite dramatic.

One night, Dr. Martin hosted a highly successful open house that was attended by both clients and the media. The highlight of the evening was the live demonstration of the "soft" makeover, as demonstrated on Lynda, a 58 year old woman who had noticed over the past few years that her skin had become less supple, fine lines have developed and her cheeks had dropped. 

2 weeks before the open house, Dr. Martin applied her botox, then she performed "Part Two" before the participants. Through the use of a close circuit television system, everyone was able to watch and listen to Dr. Martin as she injected the dermal fillers. A total of 6 syringes of dermal filler were used to lift the cheeks, soften the grooves, and fill the fine lines.

Forty-five minutes later, Lynda was a new woman looking at least 5 years younger. The bruising and swelling was minimal and we were able to take her "after" pictures within one week.

Dr. Martin prides herself on making her patients look and feel wonderful without looking like they have had anything "done". The "soft" makeover is highly artistic and must be applied using experience and an advanced sense of facial architecture. In Dr. Martin's opinion, the final result must be natural and relaxed.

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