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Fall approaches!

Medical Aesthetics has a significant seasonality to it. As the summer draws to a close and the shorts start getting packed up, many were happy that they successfully cleared up their varicose and spider veins so that they could enjoy our short Ontario summer! For those of you who didn’t, there is something that you should know: Veins are best treated in the FAll and Winter. Please make your appointment in September so that we can get started and Next Year, you can be one of the lucky ones!
Dr. Martin

Exciting Uses for Botox

Most of you know that Botox can be used for facial lines and wrinkles, but did you know that it is also incredibly successful for underarm sweating? Also, we can correct the “gummy smile” when the gums are too visible when smiling. We can lift the eyebrows, improve the jaw line, and soften angry expressions. We can even help with Bell’s Palsy problems – Just ask !

AGE SMART from Dermalogica !

AGE SMART – Dermalogica Skin Care
This month, our aesthetics team attended a conference in Toronto regarding skin care. They discussed the effect of various issues have on the skin, including genetics, hormones, metabolism, climate factors, life style and stress. Here are a few of the “take home” messages:
1. Women who take contraceptives for 20-30 years then stop often suffer from a significant drop in estrogen levels (thin skin, hair loss, hot flashes) and increase in testosterone (acne) when they stop. (Note – Dr. Martin far prefers the Copper IUD as a method of birth control)

2. 1% of collagen and elastin and melanin are lost every year after 30 (thin, weak, pale skin) which can be improved with good skin care.

3. Lipids are lost too – which are the structural membranes that keep cells together and hydrated. (Dr. Martin wants to you to take Omega-3’s and moisturize your skin)

4. Biochemical reactions in the skin
a. ROS- Reactive Oxygen species-Unstable molecules that attack important structures in the skin i.e. lipids, cell membranes, proteins and DNA. ROS are created from smoking, ultraviolet rays, stress, medications and diet. To combat ROS, we use vitamin C, Vitamin A(Retinoids), vitamin E (Polyphenols), white tea

b. Matrix Metalloproteinases- Enzymes that break down the skins dermal support structure and eat the collagen, elastin and water binding agents in skin.- Activated by UV exposure and inflammation which in turn causes premature aging. Key ingredients for prevention are Peptides which reverse the signs of photo aging, and Retinoid (Vit A)

c. AGES – Advanced glycation end products- Excess sugars bind to the skins protein, which weighs the skin down and triggers inflammation which inhibits skin regeneration. Isoflavones (from soy) and peptides act as a decoy protein and sugar binds to it instead of the proteins in our skin.

5. Specific Dermalogica Products
a. Overnight Retinol Repair – 0.5% retinol for the face- used with a buffer cream for 6 weeks in increasing concentrations
b. Age reversal eye complex- 0.1% retinol which targets deeper lines around the eyes. This is not to be mixed with Overnight retinol repair. Smooths and firms wrinkles reduces puffiness, lightens dark circles and hydrates skin.
c. Power rich- This is an all in one – Toner, day, night moisturizer, serum, eye treatment, exfoliate, and is the most expensive.
d. Map 15 – Vit C powder, pea size on finger and pat directly on the wrinkles or fine lines. – Features White tea, yeast and Glucosamine which inhibits melanin formation, stimulates collagen, fights AGES, stimulates hyaluronic acid, defends against ROS and inhibits AGE formation.

Our team of experts is ready and willing to help everyone combat the aging process!
From the aesthetics team at Martin’s,
Tina, Jackie, Camille

Dr. Martin on Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements

Omega 3’s seem to be in the news a lot, but it can be a challenge to sort out exactly what to buy. So here it is: Everybody should be taking at least 1-2 grams a day of high quality product. I recommend “nutrasea”. If you are obese or have heart disease or cancer, you need 3-4g. Omega 3’s cannot be made by your body and are hard to get in your diet unless you eat fish every day. They protect you from heart disease, cancer, macular degeneration (eyes) memory loss and more. Omega 3’s and vitamin D are the two things that EVERYONE should be taking no matter how great your diet is. Please note that Omega 3s tend to thin the blood, so it is wise to stop taking them for a few days prior to botox, filler or vein injections

Fillers for Hands

One of the best ways to rejuvenate the hands is to place fillers such as Juvederm in them. A small puncture site is made on the surface of the hand and filler is injected. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. Results are seen right away and continue to improve over the course of 1 month. Fillers replenish the skins thickness and provides an internal moisturizing system that leaves the hands looking and feeling younger.

Neuromodulators for botox

You may have noticed that canadian clinics have options for “botox”. There are a few trade names out there (that I am not allowed to mention because of college of physicians rules about advertising)

We at Martin’s Rejuvenation have been primarily using the first botox product on the market – the one that has been in Canada for the longest. Although the others are very similar, they are not identical, so it is important to know exactly which product you are having injected. If you are not sure, ASK. At Martin’s, unless we say so specifically, we are using the original botox.

There are some situations where a substitution is a good idea. Many people do not know that some people can develop a tolerance to botox – meaning that over time, the product does not work as well. This particularly occurs if 2 or more treatments are provided too close together, for example, the forehead done 3 weeks after crows feet and 3 weeks later, the mouth area. If tolerance develops then switching to another product may be a good idea.

The other thing you should know is that some products diffuse through the skin more than others. That information can be used in your favour, particularly in an area that benefits from a more widespread effect.

One last issue: some of the newer products are not “indicated” for any area other than between the eyebrows, which means that they have not been specifically tested and given Canadian clearance for those areas.

All of these issues are easily dealt with by expert injectors.

Aged Garlic – Also Awesome

Another super supplement – after Omega 3’s and Vitamin D
It has to be organic. I like “Kyolic” 300 mg with Lecithin
This one is fantastic for the heart, blood vessels and immune system
The immune system is behind EVERYTHING (more on this later)
It also detoxifies any heavy metals in your system (like lead, mercury)
Improved recovery from athletic performance (so cool)

What diet is right for you?

What diet is right for you?
With all the diets on the market today, how do you decide what one is best for you? Weight loss is rarely easy and requires significant dedication and commitment. At Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre we offer a variety of diet plans to meet your individual needs. We understand that you may have health concerns that influence the diet choice that is best for you. We know that life can be hectic enough, and being on a special diet can make it that much more difficult.
We have been there! If you are ready to make the changes that will lead you to a better life, come in and talk to us. We offer three different programs at Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre.
Ideal Protein is our easiest to follow program. It is medically designed, convenient and structured for those who want a scientific formula that is guaranteed to work. Ideal Protein is a diet which provides an ideal amount of protein-based foods. The products are designed to satisfy every taste and craving you have, whether you like salty, sweet or spicy foods. There are four phases to this program which will lead you back to maintaining your weight loss while you eat natural, healthy foods.
Our alternative programs are based on natural foods with minimal to no product purchases. These programs facilitate a change in lifestyle and make healthy eating a priority. We will provide you with the knowledge to make better food choices, and your body will reward you by releasing the waste products you have been storing as excess weight.
At Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre we see our weight loss programs as a gift to our clients. Our priority is seeing you achieve your weight loss goals quickly and permanently. Our programs are medically designed with countless success stories. Our most recent dieter has lost 18lbs in her first month on the alternative program. She consistently states that she does not feel hungry or deprived and has more energy than she’s had in years.
Come in and see how we can make a difference in your life too!

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